Three Ways to Create a Unique and Personal Photo Session

July 23, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Every couple and family has a story. The beauty of life is that each story is unique, regardless of how similar they may seem sometimes. My husband and I met in high school, and our two best friends (who also happen to be a couple) also met in high school. While our stories may have started similarly, that’s about where the similarities end. And you know what? We love that our stories are so different from each other. Each of our stories is perfect and distinctive. Couples meet on the Internet or in college or at a bar, and each story is different from the next. It is my job as a storyteller and photographer to convey that story for you. Let’s work together to create your perfect session!


Here are three tips to help make your photo session personal to you and your story:


1. Pick a location that is special and unique to your story.

These two didn’t meet in high school or on the Internet; they met at the grocery store. It’s sincerely a modern day fairy tale. They met while Lizette was shopping for milk and cereal a few years ago and they’re getting married in just a few months. When it came time to decide on a location for their engagement session, Lizette knew precisely where she wanted to have it: exactly where they met. We may have gotten some interesting looks as we strolled around the store, but the results were fantastic and made for such a memorable session!


2. Choose your outfits carefully.

There are a few ways to pick your outfits; but no matter what you choose, you should wear something that makes you feel phenomenal. For Lizette and Aston’s grocery store session, we went back and forth discussing options for outfits. Ultimately they decided on elegant pieces so that they stood out against the backdrop of the store. It was a perfect juxtaposition.

Another way to choose your outfits for a photo session is to go with something that really defines who you are and also coordinates (not matches) your partner or family. If you’re wearing something that you’re comfortable in, you’re going to be happier and more natural in the photographs.  If you’re looking for inspiration for outfits, check out my Pinterest board of inspiration here.


3. Think about props!

We tend to think about props more with newborn or kid sessions, but I love incorporating props in with couples and whole family sessions as well. Is there a special blanket that one of you gave the other for your first Christmas together? Do you have a tandem bike that you love to ride on the weekends? Are you vinyl collectors and do you love listening to new albums together? Why not incorporate items like that into your session? Those are all thoughts to consider that could transform your session from standard to stand-OUT!


Your story is perfect and unique, and these tips will help to ensure it shines through in your photos!


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