Comfort Zones

March 31, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

I am a true creature of comfort.  I love meeting friends and hanging out somewhere new, but I also thoroughly enjoy a quiet night at home with a glass of wine and a good movie.  In fact, my favorite nights are when I am able to combine the two and have friends come over to enjoy the wine and movie with me.  Sometimes I just have a hard time pushing myself to try something new.  It's not that I'm necessarily scared, but I simply enjoy having a routine.  Yet I've learned over the last year that photography has actually allowed me to push myself in my career as well as in my personal life.

Despite the fact that every job I've ever had has involved working with lots of people, I've been known to be a little on the shier side of the social spectrum.  Because of that, sometimes it's been difficult to put myself out there and start conversations about photography with new people I meet. Ever since I started the business, I have been trying my best to keep putting myself out there and see where it takes me.  Recently I realized just where starting conversations can lead.


A few months ago while talking to my hair stylist (Amithyst of Amithyst Boutique Salon), I mentioned a project that I wanted to work on.  I had no idea how I was going to complete it, but I knew it could be really cool.  She quickly jumped in and said that she thought it would be a great project to be a part of.  She thought it would a fun project her coworker, Mandie (Makeup by Mandie), as well.  We came up with inspiration for a four-photo project, planned a cohesive vision, and got to work!  It really became a wonderful collaborative project.  I was definitely nervous and wanted to make sure that everyone's work was highlighted.  Whatever nerves I had left after working with these women; they were so easy to work with that I was put at ease very quickly.  We recently had our first day of shooting, and I'm so excited to share the results with you!

Love, Fun, & a Touch of RainA behind-the-scenes look at our photo shoot!


The day consisted of hair styling, makeup, and mixing up some blue "ice cream" before shooting began.  What I loved most was that everyone was willing to help out with each aspect of the process.  Amithyst and Mandie helped on location as well as in the salon, making the entire day run so smoothly.  It was truly a collective effort.  I had such a wonderful time working with Amithyst, Mandie, and our two fantastic models, Kristinn and Bree.  While working, we all got the chance to hang out and enjoy a gorgeous spring afternoon in Capitol Park.  


The collective effort of everyone involved in this shoot is what made the photos what they are, and I never would have had this experience had I not started a simple conversation.  So while I still enjoy my quiet time alone, this experience has taught me more than ever that it's important to push yourself to do something new.  After all, how will we ever get to know all of the wonderful people and experiences life has to offer if we don't push ourselves?

Again, THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU to Amithyst, Mandie, Kristinn, and Bree!  

P.S.  If anyone is looking for a PHENOMENAL haircut/color/style or GORGEOUS makeup, please check out Amithyst Boutique Salon and Makeup by Mandie!  They're both on Facebook and Instagram, so go check them out today!


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